by Law Breaker

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Re-mixed & mastered October 2nd 2015.
Law breaker is a solo project I started writing for in January 2011 or maybe even 2010... By Jan 2012 I'd found the time to finish writing 5 tracks worth of stuff which I then recorded over a few days -
Guitars are all DI'd in my bedroom, digitally amped, and were laid before drums, which were tracked in the shed at the place I was living at the time. Editing & mixing took place shortly after but as vocals weren't all written I had a lot of fun experimenting with mixing for aaages.
I wrote & recorded various different lyrics over the course of 2012-2014, mostly because my computer & phone died & I lost all my notes/lyrics, so over a couple of days I scrounged for & wrote (what I think are decent) lyrics which were eventually tracked by March or April 14.
I sat on a few different mixes over time and today, September 10th 2014, I finished with a final tweak on the master channel and have decided to upload the whole EP to show people & hopefully get some feedback on composition, performance and mixing too. Oh and I designed the cover last night in photoshop.


released September 10, 2014

Guitars, bass, drums, vocals, recording, production, mastering & artwork by Bage.



all rights reserved


Bage Music Melbourne, Australia

Session drummer, bassist, guitarist, vocalist, recording engineer, teacher, artist, dude.

Message me for recording details.

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Track Name: Syringehead
Take my hand and sandwich it inside a vice
crush it then let me hit you with a broken fist
you never fed me
so let me destroy you
destroy you with this pulp

cut off my fingers
drown me with my own blood
pierce my skull and mark my skin with shit

you're all pathetic
and now I'm singing about you so what does that make me?
Still the fucking same person that I will always be

break my body with a fall
send me over the edge
because i deserve it all
so let me destroy you
for incompetently wasting my time
that you took from me with cowardly lies

I hope you get what you need and driven down the drain
where you don't necessarily belong but your kind really has no other habitat
it is your fault
try harder, get nowhere faster
so go home and do your research in an effort to escape the trainwreck you've created

You're all pathetic
So go try harder
Try hards
Track Name: Instability (Getting Hammered)
I care. You don't.
I do, you criticize
Sideline narrator - fuck you
Forced up a hill
with you as my burden
The journey started at the destination
Atop a mountain
That you now watch me climb (alone)
You pushed me down
Now the herd carries you
For I am burnt out
Foreshadowed long ago
Dropped out yet still around
I brought myself here
Medicate me
Track Name: Economic Slavery
Trudge to demise
Suicide through choice
Impoverish or wilt
Slave master have mercy
Leave the thieves not to trample

Crucified scapegoat
Shepard falter
Useless yet triumphant

Suicide through necessity

I will traumatize you all
Intimidated sheep of the flock will be the first to fall
Track Name: I Need, I Hate
I need controversy
i need something to hate
I need, I hate
But only for so long before I've go to slow down
But never stop moving forward until the fucking day that i die, probably of a cancer of some variety

I'm telling myself I need to go to sleep but I endure on to punch more
Drastically altering my state of being and mind
I wonder what dreams will bring me tonight
I need, I hate

Still punching on
Track Name: Opulence
My body is fucking broken
My spirit collapsed long ago
debilitated spine
my lungs are shit
and my diseased heart pumps cancer through my collapsed veins
its something and ruined
I am ruined
I bring shame to all
This is not my pleasure, it is my way
Doubt and paranoia are my friends
I've been betrayed and left with only them
My body is entirely ruined
My hands shake and seize until they feeel broken
this life that is poison ruins
I am ruined til my brain start to ache
This is my pleasure, this is my way
This cancer that is my life
This cancer that is me