Stay Out of the Basement

by Trophyknife

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We were probably called Diamante and were 16/17 when we recorded this.
Tracks 1, 3, 4 & 5 recorded September 2005. Track 2 recorded, mixed & mastered October 2006 by David Carr at Rangemaster Studios
Released in 2008 as a 3 track demo without tracks 3 & 4.
Thanks to Paul for lending cymbals and to Legs for lending the snare.


released November 1, 2006

Members on this recording:
Matt Barnes - vocals
Mitch Coon - guits and clean vocals
Justin Cooper - guits
Rob Cox - bass
Adrian Zuccon - drums



all rights reserved


Bage Music Melbourne, Australia

Session drummer, bassist, guitarist, vocalist, recording engineer, teacher, artist, dude.

Message me for recording details.

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Track Name: Bullets In the Wake of Tomorrows Dreams
I waited my whole life
To meet you, sweet revenge
And after all these years
It has become so clear
That I am not satisfied with myself

And it is tonight that you will see me take my true form

I bit my tongue for too long
Now i'm tired of the blood in my mouth
Tonight your fate is sealed inside this shallow grave

This blackened heart will bleed of regret no more

With sorrow I seek, with vengeance on the tip of my tongue
Tell me what it's like to stare down the barrel of a gun
Track Name: Shark!
There was a shark
For my own right
I am the one to save you from yourself
To haunt your dreams until you die
The day is yours, this is the time

Bury your past behind your suffering
It comes from inside

From this time I was left behind, hiding in your shadow
Crushed inside, we can betray
I lost all that I was

I walk this earth alone
I suffer my own eternity
We'll sleep until I die
I will be buried alone

If we don't make it through the ever so bleak near future in time I'd break into your mind

For I'll stand for you
I'll watch them bleed
Through the eyes that lie
This will be no more
The day is counting down

Buried, I will suffer
It comes from inside
Bury your past behind your suffering
This is my last breath


This is my life
This is my torment
Lost in a river that still flows in my veins
Track Name: A Bloodstained Memory
You rejected life
I watched you fade away
No-one can overpower the hell you built in your mind
The demons in your veins were as clear as the tears streaming down your face
Blinded by your own shattered remains, you were so down and out

Staring through my eyes, a coward reflects
You revealed yourself when you fell for your own game
Your manipulative ways destroyed you and now you must swallow the flames
You can feel the world closing in as you're cast into oblivion

Down, out, down and out

Helpless in your own pitch black dreams you were bound to kill yourself
Growing more insane each day, you basically dug your own grave
Withering cells inside waited for you to set yourself free
To let them win seemed like the only way

You rejected life and now you must swallow the flames
Track Name: Find Myself
So here I am
But who am I?
So here I am now
So here I stand waiting for you here
I stand here alone

Help me find myself
I cannot see or hear or face this war within myself
Help me find myself

Where am I now?
Where do I fit in?
Where did it all go wrong?
I cannot tell if I am still breathing
I cannot tell, am I still here?
Track Name: Bring Your Six Shooter, Pilgrim
A wasted life standing before me
One single breath left to take away
There is no way to escape

Shatter this life
Wasted, my dreams
Years of torment
You've taken from me
I was blinded
But now I can see
This is your demise

A vile creature living deep inside you
Attempted murder of yourself
A wretched masochist awaits in you
Obliteration of the person you once knew